Decongest, Reduce Fever, and Ease Achy Muscles With This Balm


One Balm, Endless Uses

This one balm has eliminated a number of over the counter products in my medicine cabinet, with natural alternatives, that surprisingly has been much more effective than the store-bought comparisons for our family.

For years, my family and I have been using it to reduce congestion (just like Vicks Vapor Rub), bringing down fevers (replacing Tylenol), disinfecting cuts, scrapes and burns while reducing scaring and healing time (like Neosporin), helping to relieve muscle aches, and for preventing/treating chapped lips and skin.

This has been our go-to for years, and below, you will find a number of reasons why we choose to not use anything else.

Let’s Talk Fever

A fever is the body’s natural response to fight off an illness. A fever that gets into the high ranges, can get a bit scary for some (especially if it is effecting a child or loved one), but it is important to not disrupt the fever, trying to get rid of it all together, but instead, allowing it to run its course (because again, it is the body’s natural built in mechanism to fight off an illness).

The only time a fever becomes detrimental to our body’s, is if it reaches 105 or above (for this is when the fever can possibly cause brain damage).

Medical science however, says there are two reasons that would cause a fever to spike to 105 or above, and that is due to a reaction to poisoning in the body, or heat stroke. Both cases call for immediate action, and to get to your local emergency room as quickly as possible.

There are ways we can help relieve the discomfort of a fever, without trying to interfere with its natural course.

The peppermint oil in this mixture, helps bring down the fever, because the heat is drawn to the cool sensation of the essential oil. The balm also helps in reducing muscle pain at the same time, allowing relief of symptoms.

Note: It is not recommended to use peppermint oil on children under two years of age, for the possibility of creating respiratory issues in the developing lungs.

Best Natural Decongestant

Eucalyptus, camphor, and peppermint essential oils all are known for their decongesting properties, and play a powerful role in helping to ease symptoms of congestion, due to illness or allergies.

If you are someone who deals with constant congestion during allergy season, then this is a must have to keep with you, and could be put into chapstick tubes, so that it can easily fit into your pocket.

The best way to use it, is to apply the balm to the bottom of your feet (sounds funny I know, but trust me, if you look up reflexology, you will discover how our feet connects to every vessel within our body). Applying it to the feet, helps to draw the congestion downwards, away from the nasal passage, allowing the airways to open up again, and being able to breath more easily. Usually, I will put socks on after applying the balm, so that it is not able to rub off on anything.

You can also place the balm on your chest, on the top of the nose, and below the nostrils, in combination with applying to the feet.

Prevent Wound Infection

Being a mother of two very active kids, this is most definitely the most used remedy for this balm in our home. It is antibacterial, and antifungal to help prevent the possibility of infection developing in every day cuts, scrapes, and burns. The lavender essential oil coupled with the beeswax, helps to reduce scaring and quickens the healing process with wounds as well.

Here’s an example of how well it can help a wound heal.  My daughter a few weeks ago was bitten by a dog near her eye. We did the whole ER bit, and they had put a couple stitches above her eye to keep the wound from opening up (which came out less than twelve hours later). Instead of adding the stitches again, we kept up with putting this antibacterial balm on the wound two-three times a day, and I’m happy to report, that the wound was completely healed within two weeks, with very minimal scaring (which continues to improve with each passing day). The pictures speak for themselves!








I’ve also used this balm on countless burns I’ve gotten over time by cooking in the kitchen, and it has helped ease some of the pain, while significantly reducing healing times and scaring.

Natural Muscle Pain Relief

This balm is great for easing muscle aches and pains you may feel during a cold or flu illness. When I, or a loved one is ill, I usually rub the balm over the forward (because fevers usually go hand in hand with the muscle ache symptoms), all over the back, and on the feet (then put on socks). This helps ease a number of symptoms all at once, allowing you to feel a little more comfortable, and able to rest in order to get better.

You could also use this balm for muscle aches you may feel following a strenuous workout.

Prevent & Treat Chapped Lips or Chapped Skin

No one likes chapped lips or skin on the hands or feet, but many products on the market today are filled with toxic ingredients that are not so good for the body (especially if you are one who has a habit of licking their lips constantly while wearing chapstick). Thankfully, this specially formulated recipe is an all-natural alternative, with exceptional moisturizing and healing qualities, that can easily be taken on the go in these travel sized tubes.



Directions for use:

Congestion: Apply to the bottoms of the feet (draws the congestion downwards), chest, and nose as needed.

Muscle Aches: May help reduce muscle aches that come along with an illness by applying in clockwise circular motions where the pain is.

Fevers: Can help in reducing a fever by applying to the forehead, back, and chest area.

Cuts, Scrapes and Burns: Apply to wound to clean and disinfect multiple times daily as needed. It will also help quicken the healing process, and reduce scaring.



6 thoughts on “Decongest, Reduce Fever, and Ease Achy Muscles With This Balm

  1. Thank you for the great recipe.  Wonderful to be using completely natural materials.

    There is so much that science is still to understand regarding the healing power of plants; it’s a fascinating subject.  Many pharmaceutical medicines are based on the natural chemicals found in plants.

    I’ve not come across camphor before, what is it’s purpose?

    1. Hi Dipesh!

      Camphor oil is another cooling oil (like peppermint), and can sooth inflammation, muscular aches and irritation, as well as treat rashes, insect bites, redness, and itching. Along with the other oils, it is antibacterial, as well anti fungal, and is great for helping decongest the respiratory system. 

  2. First of all, I would like to give you thanks and lots of respect for your astonishing article. I remember, when I was dealing with a fever, and muscle pain, I tried your recipe and it gave me great results in bringing the fever down, while reducing my muscle aches. For that reason, I felt very happy. Will most definitely be using it next time I need a disinfectant to sterile and heal any cuts or burns. 

    Thank you for publishing this article. Obviously, I will recommend this article with my friends and my relative so that they can gain some knowledge and find a healthier alternative. Can I share your article on my social media?

    1. Glad to hear that this amazing balm is working for you! 

      Absolutely, you can share with your friends! Have a blessed day!

  3. This looks like a fantastic balm. I especially like the idea of knowing exactly what is in my medicines. Do you think that it would help with poison ivy or oak? That’s a big one in and around where I live and it seems so many people end up going to the doctor to get something for relief.


    1. Thanks Carrie!

      To answer your question, I can honestly say that I have never used it for poison ivy or oak, because its not something we have growing around us. It is most definitely worth trying however, for the lavender oil within the balm, is known to relive itching symptoms, while also increasing the healing process. 

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